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SPY SMART RFID Technology Motorcycle Immobiliser / alarm. No more buttons to press!

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RF ID technology is here! The SPY RFiD immobiliser / alarm is operated without the need to press any buttons. Just simply have the “fob” on your key ring and insert your key into your bike. The alarm will disarm and you can ride away.

Not only that, but we are producing bike specific diagrams for use with these items. However we do need to know the bike type when you order and if the bike is not a common type we may need a copy of the wire diagram for it

The alarm can use your bikes own horn as well as, or instead of, the supplied siren!

We would describe these as immobiliser / alarms as the alarm is only a secondary function triggered only by hot wiring and not via vibration or shock. If you need more of an “alarm” then look at our other items. RFID does use a bit more power so small bikes and old / tired batteries will not like these.



  • SMART RFID TECHNOLOGY. The alarm operates itself! you just put your keys in and the alarm disarms. Take your keys out and it arms.

    Random Coded anti Scan Technology fobs. Prevents someone else having your code.

    12 MONTH WARRANTY.  Gives you peace of mind.

    Waterproof and shockproof. We have fitted these to off-roaders and they still work

    Automatic arming. No forgetting to arm your alarm ( unless you forget your keys are in the bike! ).

    120dB siren to wake the dead.   Enough said!

    Compact design. We have fitted these to Harleys, most alarms are too bulky or the wrong shape.

    Emergency disarm. Means you will not be stranded if you lose the fob.

    Service mode. Allows your bike to be worked on without the need to have the keys in.

    RFID Smart card included. This can be used to store the alarm code and used to acquire new fobs, and be given to a workshop when servicing the bike

    Hot wire warning / immobilisation.  If an object is placed in your ignition or wires cut the alarm will go off and immobilise your bike. Other alarms connect purely to the ignition and are very easily bypassed by motorcycle thieves.


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