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NCS EASY FIT Bike / Scooter alarm. Only 2 wire connections for simple DIY install

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This is an ideal alarm for those wanting a SIMPLE install, cheap alarm and who have no intention of using anything other than a vibration alarm on mopeds / scooters. However we cant help but to ad that for not much more you get the NCS compact, which is a waterproof unit with a louder siren- and can also be connected with just 2 wires.

  • Connects just to the battery only and to the bike with a sticky pad
  • Measures only 75mm x 6mm x 20mm.
  • Current draw of less than 1.4mA!
  • Arm / disarm chirp sound
  • Dual stage shock sensing
  • American micro-chip technology alarm unit
  • 120dB siren
  • 2 tough carbon fibre effect remote key fobs
  • Random coded remotes prevents duplication
  • Manual arming- will not set itself off every 10 seconds when refueling!
  • Bike locating function
  • Wiring kit including easy to follow instructions
  • 4 stage adjustable sensitivity
  • 12 month warranty
5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for NCS EASY FIT Bike / Scooter alarm. Only 2 wire connections for simple DIY install

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was looking for an easy alarm for my old bike. This is the solution! Fantastic!!!
    I m very happy about it!
    Thank you from Italy!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Fitted one of these about a year ago. Dead easy to fit two wires straight to the battery, set up the sensitivity with the remote and you are done. It has served me well, no problems whatsoever, and it even has a find your bike button which is very handy at big events when you are not quite sure where you left the bike. Very loud siren, easy to fit and set up, 100% reliable.

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