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SPY Smart Phone GPS Tracker Car Alarm Immobiliser – iPhone 5, 6 Android Windows

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Product Description

Want a SMART GPS / GSM Tracker that also includes an alarm, immobiliser, central locking and boot opening- all controlled from your smart phone! NOTE – the software will not run on iPhone 7 or higher

The new spyGPS / GSM AUTO SECURITY SYSTEM, with every available optional extra ( Included for free! ) may be the answer.

This system is so high tech that it can even detect if someone is trying to jam its signal! See the list of features below!

TRACKING FUNCTION. Shows the location of the vehicle, the speed ( if moving ) and the alarm status

GSM Shielding Warning Should someone try to radio jam the device (or try to hide it in a container) the alarm will trigger.

FREE Battery Backup upgrade option. Both the item and the also included siren have their own battery backup. This means that if the power is cut or either part is removed the siren will sound and the unit will keep reporting its position!

Compatible with the cars original remotes. So no complicated reprogramming

Listen Function!. The unit comes with a small microphone. You can listen in to hear what is being said by the theives ( or your friends if you are paranoid! )

12 MONTH WARRANTY. Gives you peace of mind.

Waterproof and shockproof. We can fit these to off-roaders

Remote and Automatic Central Door Locking. Saves messing about and it locks up your wheels for you. You can turn off the auto function.

Automatic Rearm( Can be turned off ) . Means your alarm will arm itself if you forget to.

Second phone option. You can set up to 3 additional phones to monitor the device in case of emergency.

Anti hijack function. If someone takes your car you can kill the engine.. Your wheels are then safe and the thief is *###**! Note that you check with the Law in your country about this! We can not be held responsibe for its use.

Hot wire warning / immobilisation. If an object is placed in your ignition or wires cut the alarm will go off and immobilise your car. Other alarms connect purely to the ignition and are very easily bypassed by thieves. As soon as this happens you are alerted by your phone!

Shock / G sensor. Monitors the car for any vibrations and reports them to your phone.

SOS function / panic alarm. The unit has a SOS button that you can hide in your car. If pressed it will alert the additional phones you have set up.

Door Open Warning. Warns you if you leave the doors open or if they are opened by a thief.

Silent / mute alarm. Is what it is.

Car finding. You will not spend hours searching the car park again

Remote boot opening. Opens your boot by your phone.

Service mode. In case you want to wash your car or get it serviced.

History. You can look back and see where you have been and what has been triggered in the last 24 hours

Emergency disarm. Should you lose your phone!


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