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NCS EASY FIT Only 2 Wires Motorcycle Motorbike bike Scooter Trike Quad Alarm ES2

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This is an ideal alarm for those wanting a SIMPLE install, cheap alarm and who have no intention of using anything other than a vibration alarm on mopeds / scooters.

  • Very Easy fit - RED Wire to (+) Positive Battery & GREEN Wire to (-) Negative Battery. Job Done !!Power Saving -  If vehicle battery is low, or after 2 days, the alarm automatically switches to energy saving mode.  ( can be disabled by fob)

    The Programmable Siren - Siren tone or 6 tone, via remote fob.

    Silent Arming / Disarming The alarm can be set silently without the confirmation chips. Great when parking late at night.

    Its anti snatch anti grabbing – Stop professional thief’s recording the transmitter signal. 

    Valet Mode- If the vehicles being serviced you don’t have to leave your remote.

    LED – The Demon D1 has a very bright detachable Neon Blue LED that shows the status of your alarm. This is a great visual deterrent as it shows your vehicle is protected.

    Memory Recall – Enables you to see whether the alarm was triggered.

    Memory Function- If the alarm is detached from the bike, when restored it will “remember” the state in which was.

    Ear piercing Siren -120db siren

    Built in very soft audible chirp (arming and disarming), can be set silently without the confirmation chips.

    Low Current Consumption. Approx 5mA

    All in one design- very small footprint (9 x 6 x 2cm – honest answer). Not as small as our other easy fit but it is small.

    2 remotes 64bit encrypted random key fobs, uniquely linked to the alarm.

    Solid state Dual Zone Motion / Impact Sensor- Alerts with warning tone first “touch” then full siren if continued tampering, resetting after 30 seconds & re arms. No moving parts for reliability.

    Panic button / bike finding.

    Three levels of adjustable sensitivity - adjustable from remote control.

    Water Resistance- Main PCB nano coated to prevent moisture getting in & damaging main PCB.

    Overload Protection- in line fuse to prevent current damage.


    Supplied adhesive pad.es2b IMG_0475


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