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NCS C2 Motorbike Alarm and Immobiliser

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Product Description

compactC2ebay2“Anyone can sell alarms. How many have a fully qualified fitter only a call away? “ Nigel Cook BSc(Hons) GradInstP PGCE, Director, N Cook Security Limited


NEW for 2022 NCS C2 Alarm System. 

The C2 is basically a compact and ultra low power consumption version of the NCS V2, but without the flashing LED.

As with all NCS alarms it will operate in basic mode simply by connecting 2 wires

The NCS C2 is designed for use with all Jap and European 4 stroke bikes, Hyosung, newer Lexmotos’s and Keeway’s and any newer Chinese bike using EFI. For 2 strokes and older Chinese bikes use the NCS Compact or C-11 types


    No cutting any wires in half at all for most Japanese and European bikes!

No cutting your loom up to disable the start button or ignition so you can have an immobiliser.

No Chinese “flameout” wires, which do not work on HONDA, KAWASAKI, YAMAHA, SUZUKI..!

No Having to make use of the remote start feature just to “make the immobiliser work”..

Internal anti tamper system – First written about by us and now claimed to to be copied by others.

Cyclone V2 b alarm

YOU MUST STATE THE MAKE / MODEL / YEAR WHEN ORDERING if you want this alarm to be bike specific.

Why Buy From Us?

1. We are PROFESSIONAL MOTORCYCLE AUTO-ELECTRICIANS and run the WORLDS No1 MOTORBIKE ALARM WEB SITE (do a google search for motorbike alarm. We are in position number 1)

2. We provide the correct wire diagram for your bike, showing where and which colour wire to connect to. Without this fitting is not straight forward. .

3. We are backed by a major insurance company (details on our web site).

4.British Motorcyclists Federation Corporate Member. We support our fellow bikers!

5 All our items are inclusive of VAT. There are no hidden charges.


SIMPLE TO USE. You press “arm” to arm and immobilise. “Disarm” to switch off. That’s it!

Current draw of less than 1.4mA! (The 12V bright LEDs used by all other alarms require more than this alone- that’s a fact!)

Random Coded remotes. Prevents someone else having your code.

12 MONTH WARRANTY.  Gives you peace of mind.

Waterproof and shockproof. We have fitted these to off-roaders and they still work

Remote / keyless engine start. Allows you to start your ride without using a key! (Note. Many Japanese bikes have anti hotwire devices that will need bypassing. This is a simple process which we can help with, unless it is HISS or a similar chipped key system). Yamaha needs an additional relay for remote start, assuming no chipped key.

Manual arming. No false alarms when re-fueling or cleaning, like those auto arm types!

125dB siren to wake the dead.   Enough said!

Anti hijack function.  If someone takes your bike you can kill the engine up to 100 metres away. Your bike is then safe and the thief is *###**!

Compact design. Only 68 x 64 x 34mm! We have fitted these to Harleys, most alarms are too bulky or the wrong shape.

Hot wire warning / immobilisation.  If an object is placed in your ignition or wires cut the alarm will go off and immobilise your bike. Other alarms connect purely to the ignition and are very easily bypassed by motorcycle thieves.

1 stage adjustable shock sensor. Warns potential thieves and sets the sensitivity right for your wheels.

Heavy duty chrome metal edged fobs.  Can survive being dropped or stepped on unlike cheap plastic types

Help calling / Panic alarm.   Just in case you need it.

Silent / mute alarm. Flashes lights and immobilises only.

We are based in England , not thousands of miles away. Usually 24 Hour P & P. No hidden charges such as import duty. Hassle free return service. No Bull!

The alarm works with any 12V machine including trikes and ATV’s.

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for NCS C2 Motorbike Alarm and Immobiliser

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi Nigel

    Thanks for your advice. I purchased the C2 through your website and have now fitted it. As you mentioned, it is easy to fit and it is certainly loud. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company and this product to anyone looking for a robust, reasonably priced motorbike alarm.

    Regards, Steve

  2. 5 out of 5


    Brilliant alarm, plugged it in and it was ready to use. For the price you can’t go wrong it does what you need it to, remote start works really well too, the immobiliser kicks in if ignition is tampered with (tried the key with alarm set), lots of little features like a reminder to set the alarm beeps shortly after ignition off and the fobs are pretty nice & slim too compared to lots of others. Low power consumption is also a bonus, alarm is set all weekend and week nights and so far no issues!

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