SPY Full feature Car alarm system with Remote Start, Trunk release, Proximity detection. The list goes on!

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Product Description

BRAND NEW FROM WELL KNOWN BRAND SPY. This alarm has so many clever features that it will suit any tech head. These incude a MICROWAVE CLOAKING SYSTEM (PROXIMITY SENSOR- see description below), TRUNK RELEASE, TOTAL CLOSURE, TRIGGER MEMORY, VALET MODE- Most can be set to on or off!


  • Features:

    Remote Start Function. For those who want to look flash. Unlike some remote start alarms SPY alarms do not require external relays

    Battery Backup upgrade option. Want battery backup also? See our other listings.

    12 MONTH WARRANTY. Gives you peace of mind.

    Waterproof and shockproof. We can fit these to off-roaders

    Remote and Automatic Central Door Locking. Saves messing about and it locks up your wheels for you. Can be set to negative, positive, combination and pneumatic- dont need to buy separate relays to make it lock your doors, like other types.

    Automatic re-arm option. Means your alarm will arm itself if you forget to. This can be turned on or off.

    Arm Reminder. Means your alarm will warn you if it is not armed and you have not got re-arm turned on. This can be turned on or off.

    Hopping code / Learning code remotes. Prevents scanning but allows us to supply new remotes to you if you should lose them

    Anti hijack function. If someone takes your car you can kill the engine up to 80 metres away. Your wheels are then safe and the thief is *###**!

    Hot wire warning / immobilisation. If an object is placed in your ignition or wires cut the alarm will go off and immobilise your car. Other alarms connect purely to the ignition and are very easily bypassed by thieves.

    Shock sensor adjustment. Sets the sensitivity right for your wheels.

    Warning LED. Tells you and them that your car is alarmed and ready for business.

    Door locking reminder. Warn you if you leave the doors unlocked.

    Door open warning. Warn you if you leave the doors open. Can be turned off

    Trunk Release. Allows you to open your boot (trunk) with the alarm remote ( your car must have an electronic boot lock ).

    Help calling / Panic alarm. Just in case you need it.

    Silent / mute alarm. Flashes lights and immobilises only.

    Siren pause. Alarm making too much noise. You can stop it and the alarm will reset.

    Emergency disarm. If your remotes become damaged or lost you can still get home!

    Anti false alarm. Hopefully stops the alarm p*ss*ng you off with false alarms!

    Power off memory. If the alarm power is cut then restored the alarm goes back to its previous settings.

    Triggering memory. If the alarm is triggered the alarm can inform you of how is was triggered when you return. This way you will know if you are having any trouble.

    Car finding. You will not spend hours searching the car park again.

    Remote power windows option – (some cars may need a window closure unit). Just to look flash.

    Microwave sensor unit included. This gives out an invisible radar type field. Standard car alarms use just vibration or ultrasonic sensors, which are ok if a window is smashed violently. However they can not detect a hand coming through an open window or a gentle break using the old spark plug porcelain trick ( which any thief will know ). THESE CAN! Brilliant for open top cars

    Automatic rearm ( can be turned off ). Arms the alarm for you when you walk away

    Valet Mode. Ideal when cleaning or working on your car.

    Reservation mode. Now this is really clever! This feature can be turned on or off. Those who buy will see how this works!


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