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Security Features Comparison Table for Cyclone (Now named NCS ) and Spy Alarms

NCS Compact NCS C-11 Talking NCS V2-B NCS V2 Talking Spy All in One Spy 5000m
Ignition sensing YES YES YES** YES YES YES
2 stage vibration alarm YES YES YES YES YES YES
Talking function YES YES
Immobiliser compatability* 2 Strokes &
Chinese bikes
2 Strokes &
Chinese bikes
4 Strokes 4 Strokes 2 & 4 Stroke
4 Strokes
Proximity detection YES YES
Battery backup YES
Paging function YES

*There are a handful of exceptions to this rule
**With Anti-Tamper

Do you have FREE tech support?+

Yes! Any of our customers can call us during our open hours ( Mon to Fri 9-5 ) for any advice on fitting or any other product related issues.

Why should I buy from you?+

  1. We are probably now the worlds largest motorcycle alarm retailer and being based purely online keeps our costs down to a minimum
  2. We are probably the only company in the world with enough knowledge and understanding of motorcycle electrics to be able to produce specific bike info unique to your bike type. With “universal” instructions you run a huge risk of alarm, or even worse, motorcycle damage. Many expensive ECU’s have been damaged by “fits any bike” alarms!
  3. We are the only company who has so far designed motorcycle alarm / immobiliser systems that can be fitted without cutting wires in half. This means that the alarms are classified as an accessory and don’t affect the motorcycle’s warranty!
  4. We do not operate a price fixing policy or driven purely by profit. We are run by bikers for bikers. Our fitting service is run as a zero company profit cooperative!

Do you ship to any country?+

Yes we do and our secure online automated shopping system will calculate the shipping costs for you.

Why has the brand name changed from Cyclone To NCS?+

We have used the Cyclone name since 2005. However it seems a number of items made by a Chinese factory called JSE ( or ShenZhen Jiushi Electronic co ) are now using this name (Some of their items are then rebranded as Hawk in the UK or sold as Cyclone on Ebay )

Why are your alarms so cheap? Is it because they are cheap alarms?+

We are an internet based business, owning our own warehouse facilities and selling thousands of alarms. We don’t have huge advertising expenses, lots of staff or any shops to run. This means we can run at profit margins far lower than any other type of business. However the main reason is that others are expensive and that you have got used to it. Did you know that many players in the motorcycle alarm market mark up their items by 10 times! Without naming companies, one rep we met in a car park in Lancaster, said that

“If you fit our alarms you have to charge about £350 to keep the ******** alarm brand a premium product. We will sell them to you for about £90″

As a result of hearing this we decided never to work with that company or sell their products!

What is the difference between the NCS C-11 and the NCS V2? Which one should I use?+

For years the Cyclone ( Now called the NCS ) C-11 was the only compact simple reliable system we sold. A number of years ago we realised that we could greatly simplify the fitting solutions for many bikes ( not that the C-11 is hard to fit! ) by making several changes to the C-11 and thus the NCS V2 was born.The V2 is a more modern C-11 which has been designed to allow very simplified fitting solutions, allowing the alarm to fit Japanese and European 4 stroke bikes of 125cc and over without having to cut wires in half!

However if you have a Chinese bike, or a 2 stroke then the NCS compact or  C-11 is still usually a better choice

Do I have to use all the alarm features?+

No. You can use as many or as little as you want. The NCS alarms will operate with just the battery connections made, the Advanced alarm with battery and a switched live feed. All our instructions break down the fitting into stages for basic functions and advanced functions.

Do I need to use one of your fitters?+

No. We do have to recommend that you use a fitter or suitably qualified person, but in reality over 95% of our alarms are self fitted.

Can I use remote engine start if I have a factory fitted immobiliser such as HISS?+

In a word, No..HISS will prevent remote starting and bypassing it is not advised. However the other alarm features will work perfectly and not interfere with HISS.